How are you going to put your technical information into your prospects' hands and in their minds?
You can go it alone, using the resources at your disposal in your organization. Or you could look to the seasoned veterans at Working Papers for help. We can write the white papers and trade magazine articles that will educate your prospects and customers, and help them reach an action decision.
Our services:
We can provide all the services required for a project, or work with your existing service providers. We can work directly with client companies or with a public relations or advertising firm. All articles and white papers are published under your company's byline. We remain in the background while you get all the credit.
We can start with:
  • Scholarly papers

  • Specification sheets

  • Sales brochures

  • Interviews with key staff members

And turn that information into:
  • Articles for trade magazines

  • White Papers for print or posting on your Web site

  • Handouts for trade shows or mailings

  • Copy for brochures or sales literature

  • Investor relations materials
Other services we can provide:
  • Place your articles with trade magazines

  • Get brochures printed

  • Graphic arts services

  • Edit existing documents

  • Research
On time and on budget:
In a rush? We specialize in projects with tight deadlines; we have completed some assignments in as little as three days, including client review and revisions.